Masimo - Halo Index

Halo Index Mimics an Expert Clinician

Cumulative Trending Assessment of Global Patient Status

Physiologic deterioration often occurs long before a crisis event and manifests through subtle and often undetected changes across multiple physiologic parameters. Masimo designed Halo Index to mimic the systematic approach that expert clinicians use in assessing physiologic deterioration — analysing patient history and extracting key continuous vital sign parameter characteristics to monitor global patient status over time.

To calculate Halo Index, parameters are continuously analysed over relevant time intervals in order to extract parameter characteristics. It is important to note that the parameter characteristics are not merely instantaneous values, but include historical parameter data and parameter relationships to support an integrated assessment of a patient's underlying physiology.

Masimo - How Halo Index Works

Simplifying and Integrating Multiple Measurements


Halo Index uses available Masimo parameters and is scalable to include additional information from the patient record. Each parameter’s significance is weighted and combined into the Halo Index — a single displayed number with a range from 0 to 100 that provides a cumulative trending of global patient status. An increase in a patient’s Halo Index may indicate the need for clinicians to more closely assess the patient.

Masimo - PSN - White Dot Halo Index calculation

The relative contribution of each parameter to a patient's Halo Index is indicated visually by a white dot, as shown above. Whenever a particular parameter is being used in the Halo Index calculation, the dot appears beneath it. The size of each dot increases and decreases to reflect changes in the current weighting of each parameter, which adjusts dynamically based upon available clinical data.

Masimo - PSN - Rising Halo Index

In this example, a rising Halo Index indicates a declining patient condition while displaying parameter trends and their relative contributions to the Halo Index.



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Halo Index has obtained CE Marking. Not available in the U.S. or Canada.

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.