Customer Feedback and Repair Request Form

  • The form below is provided to assist you with providing timely feedback to Masimo on its products and/or services. The form may also be used to request repair/replacement or Protection+ Services for your Masimo product.
  • Do not use this form if injury or medical intervention is associated or related to your feedback or product repair request, or if your request is of an urgent nature. If either of these conditions apply, contact Masimo Technical Services directly. Local contact information can be found at
  • Please allow one business day for Masimo to respond to your feedback and/or repair request. If you do not receive a response within this time frame or have any additional questions, please contact Masimo Technical Services directly.
  • Please note that submitted feedback is subject to corrections following review by Masimo, based on additional information obtained from the originator of the feedback and/or customer.