SedLine® Brain Function Monitoring

SedLine® Brain Function Monitoring


Masimo is passionate about making innovative technologies that give clinicians the tools they need to do what is best for patient care. That's why it is gratifying to see so many clinicians and clinical researchers take the time to evaluate our products and technologies.

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This section is intended to provide access to clinical studies conducted using Masimo noninvasive technologies, parameters, and products. We cannot guarantee that all published clinical studies, abstracts and research are listed here. To view individual clinical studies please click on the appropriate tab.

Some uses of the manufacturer’s devices described in the information may not have been approved or cleared by the FDA. See manufacturer labeling for the indications in the product’s cleared indications for use statement.

Clinical evidence is provided to illustrate the performance and accuracy of Masimo technologies. Federal law restricts Masimo devices for medical uses to sale by or on the order of a physician.

PLCO-004090/PLMM-10605E-0920 (A-0621)