Capnography Monitoring

Capnography and Gas Monitoring Solutions

Capnography and Gas Monitoring Solutions


Masimo offers a complete portfolio of capnography and gas monitoring solutions, both sidestream and mainstream, to meet the challenges of ventilation and gas monitoring across care areas – from pre-hospital and in-hospital to transport, long-term care, home care and more. Solutions range from external "plug in and measure" gas analysers, to bedside and handheld devices, to flexible, integrated OEM offerings.

Overcoming Common Sampling Problems with NomoLine™ Technology

Overcoming Common Sampling Problems with NomoLine™ Technology


NomoLine technology eliminates common problems associated with conventional sidestream gas analysis. Incorporating a unique, patented polymer, NomoLine allows water in the sampling line to evaporate into the surrounding air, while leaving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anaesthetic gases unaffected, eliminating the need for a water trap and issues related to their handling.

NomoLine sampling lines are available in more than 28 configurations of airway adapter sets and cannulas for use in a variety of clinical scenarios, including for intubated and non-intubated patients in both low- and high-humidity applications, for all patient populations, including neonatal patients. NomoLine sampling lines are compatible with both Masimo and third-party OEM solutions and ISA sidestream analysers, enabling hassle-free sidestream capnography and gas monitoring.

Maismo - NomoLine - Group

NomoLine High-Humidity Nasal Cannula, NomoLine High-Humidity Airway Adapter Set for Infant/Neonatal Patients, and Low-Humidity Oral/Nasal Cannula with Oxygen Delivery



ISA sidestream analysers are available in a variety of configurations, designed to measure single gas CO2 capnography or provide a variety of advanced anaesthetic agent analysis and ventilation management. Using sophisticated spectroscopy technology utilising up to nine wavelengths of light and powerful signal processing algorithms, ISA sidestream analysers provide clinicians with real-time and continuous capnography and gas measurements for a range of clinical environments. With minimal warm-up time and full accuracy performance in seconds, ISA saves times in critical situations and supports monitoring of neonatal, infant, paediatric, and adult patients. ISA is available in a standalone module for use with Root or as an easy-to-integrate OEM module.



Root® is a powerful, expandable patient monitoring and connectivity hub that integrates an array of technologies to provide multimodal monitoring and connectivity solutions - in a single, clinician-centric platform. Expandable measurement capability through Masimo Open Connect (MOC-9®) modules includes the ISA family of sidestream gas analysers. The flexibility of the Root platform makes it an ideal bedside solution, tailorable for high- or low-acuity settings.

Rad-97™ with NomoLine Capnography

Masimo - Rad-97 with ISA

Rad-97™ with NomoLine Capnography is a compact, standalone Pulse CO-Oximeter® with integrated sidestream NomoLine capnography that offers continuous SpO2, EtCO2, and respiration rate, alongside advanced parameter monitoring, to help provide a more complete picture of a patient's respiratory status. With its advanced connectivity, the highly-configurable Rad-97 is appropriate for use in a variety of care areas.

EMMA™ Capnograph


EMMA is a compact, portable, lightweight, mainstream capnograph that requires minimal warm-up time and provides full accuracy in 15 seconds. EMMA is available for short- and long-term monitoring of adults, pediatrics, and infants. Clear, real-time EtCO2 waveforms help clinicians to confirm effective resuscitation, assess the depth and effectiveness of compressions, and recognise the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC).1,2 EMMA provides EtCO2 and RR measurements and can be used with breathing circuits, manual or automatic resuscitators, transport and mechanical ventilators, select CPAP systems, most closed circuit airways, endotracheal tubes, and supraglottic airways.

IRMA™ Mainstream Analyser


The IRMA Mainstream Analyser uses miniaturised components and microprocessor technology to provide waveform capnography and multigas monitoring for endotracheal tube placement verification and emergency and long-term ventilation management in a range of clinical environments, including the OR, ICU and General Ward units. IRMA is currently available as an OEM partner solution, in two configurations.

Capnography and Gas Monitoring Solutions



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Rad-97 with NomoLine Capnography is not licensed for sale in Canada.

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